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Which is better? - Of All The Sad Words...
October 9th, 2005
03:28 am


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Which is better?
Is Gray Goose vodka better then the well brands?

Krystal and I saw a hockey game on... friday, NMU won, though it was only the USA under 18 team. It was a lot of fun though. Krystal got a kick out of the phrases we used, like "Cya Bitch" and when penalties were over and the vistiting team went back to full strength, "Team USA is back to full strenght... and they still suck".... ahhhh hockey games. Krystal also enjoyed the hitting... but thats why i love her so much... liking hockey games that is... i don't like it when she beats me =P
Tonight we saw War of the Worlds (2005). It was alright, i give it C . Then we went shopping at walmart at about 1am. Oh, i geuss there was a bomb threat at walmart earlier today, crazy. Then we stopped by Micky-Ds and grabbed some nuggets, then settled in for some classic Night Court.

But really, is there a differance between Gray Goose and say 5o'clock vodka?

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