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Krystal and i went for a walk - Of All The Sad Words...
August 27th, 2005
01:59 am


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Krystal and i went for a walk
It's been quite some time since I have updated. It has, however, been an interesting and exciting four weeks. Summer classes, well class in my case, ended on August 2nd; the next morning i left for Missouri. I had been sick for about a week, with high fever, general feeling of nausea, soreness... all that fun stuff. By the time i left i was feeling better, but getting up at 5am didn't help in the recovery. The 15ish hour drive was long and hot. I drank soooo much water that i had to stop like every 45mins in at the begining of the trip. I arrived in Mount Vernon, MO at about 9pm-ish; feeling rather out of it all. Krystal insisted on taking my temperature - it was about 104F. After a brief two day rest, from the long drive, Krystal and I left for Marquette. We stayed in Marquette for a few days and then left for my parents house. Once there she applied to LSSU (yeah i know, Lake State... ewww, but its only 20mins from home for me). She, of course, got in, as she is a super uber genius. We returned to Marquette after four days with my parents. In Marquette we spent time being a boring couple, it was really quite fun =P On August 16th we left for Missouri, so she could get ready for school, which, for her, started on the 22nd. Once in Joplin - Where MSSU is located - we moved her stuff into her apartment. Then we played around town with her cool friends, teh M and Noa... or Emily and Jessica as they are legally known. I had planed on leaving to get ready for classes, and to give me and her time to recover from the loss of eachother, on Sunday but i could not do it, so that Sunday night Krystal and i went for a walk. After much "emotion" and talk, we found that there was no real reason why we could not be together now, soooooo ... the next day she changed all her classes to online classes, which were closed so she had to go to the vice-president of distance learning, we had to move all her things out of her room, and check-out; it was all alot of work. Then we had to tell everyone, like her parents and close friends. That all went better then i thought it would, but they all miss her muchly. Soooo after another 15ish hour drive we are together =) and she is all moved in... so to make it short, i get my own little winter heater =P

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Date:August 28th, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC)
awww so happy for you!
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